Chemical & Process Technology

Pumps Operation & Maintenance
Expert: Ganapathy Balasubramaniam
Registration Fee: Individual: 100 US$
Group (5 Pax): 300 US$
Language: English
Time Length: ~90 Min
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Description: Pumps are important assets, knowledge about their selection, application, performance curves and upkeep helps organisations to operate them optimally resulting in overall savings and costly downtime. This webinar introduces plant operating and maintenance staff and supervisors to hydrodynamic and positive displacement pumps, parts, internals, bearings and seals and how to get optimum performance from these assets. Knowledge of pumps is valuable for operating staff for contributing to their employer’s economics and profitability. The course will have presentations, exercises, group activities and discussions. The key benefits of this course are getting to know pumps, types, selection, applications, performance curves, trouble shooting, maintenance and repairs, current trends and recent developments, common terminologies, and for developing proper management program for these assets. Plant and pipeline personnel from maintenance, operations, reliability functions and supervisors are encouraged to join this webinar. This webinar is meant for upstream, refining, petrochemicals, chemical and process industries and down-stream storage, pumping and distribution company staff members who work with pumps every day.
Expert: Mr. Ganapathy Balasubramaniam is a mechanical engineer with 30 years of industry experience with a leading Indian state-owned oil & gas organization in Engineering, Inspection, Projects management, Safety. He is experienced in leading teams handling pipelines & has conducted several training programs on various technical subjects including design of piping systems, corrosion damage mechanisms, risk management, codes & standards, API exam preparatory courses, Preventive Maintenance & condition monitoring & corrosion mitigation, design codes, Fitness for service assessments globally.